Keeley’s Herbalife Story

Keely used Herbalife’s weight loss programmes together with regular exercise to achieve great results. Her experiences are below.

Keeley A. 37 Pounds in 6 Months
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In 2017, I found Herbalife through my mother. The products worked for her, so I decided to give it a try myself. She explained it to be a relatively straightforward diet plan, which I liked. I followed her example of taking regular pictures of myself and having daily weigh-ins. These helped me a lot for motivation. Today, I have a ton more energy and can work out more without dreading it so much. I can keep up with my dog, and honestly just don’t feel so big and out of shape. Feeling better about myself, particularly being able to fit into smaller clothes, puts a smile on my face and changes my whole attitude.
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I would recommend Herbalife products for people who are looking for a weight loss plan that is straightforward to follow and easy to understand. I was on a weight loss plan for 6 months and am now on a weight maintenance plan.

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